What is goats milk kefir

Kefir is a cultured milk drink which has been consumed for centuries. It is super-probiotic and the benefits of drinking it are many (see below).


Pure Goats Kefir – 100% natural

Here at Chillies Farm Dairy we use milk from our very own herd of Anglo-Nubian goats. It is gently pasteurised before adding live kefir grains. These grains (a mixture of bacteria and yeasts) go to work multiplying and using up the natural sugars (lactose) in the milk to produce a live fermented drink packed with good, gut-friendly bacteria and naturally low in sugar.

We use live kefir grains because they are simply the best and most natural way of producing kefir – many supermarket brands use freeze dried or powdered cultures that do not have the probiotic strength that kefir made with live grains has.

After the grains have done their fermenting we simply strain the grains from the kefir and bottle it. Nothing more. No additives, no flavourings, no colouring, NOTHING.

The only food miles our kefir does are when it’s shipped to you.

Although made with pasteurised milk our kefir is not pasteurised after fermentation. This keeps all of those magic probiotic bacteria alive to improve your gut and overall health. Many supermarket brands are pasteurised prior to sale. This greatly prolongs the shelf life of the kefir but damages the precious microbes which give kefir it’s greatest health benefit.

Live Kefir Grains

Why goats milk kefir?

Goats milk is easier to digest, has fewer allergenic properties than cow’s milk, causes less inflammation, is higher in calcium and fatty acids but lower in cholesterol and a good source of key vitamins and minerals. Our kefir has all of these benefits too with the addition of the super-probiotic bacteria.

Benefits of drinking goats kefir

The health benefits of taking goats kefir regularly are many. Here are a few of the important ones;

  • Low in sugar. As it is a fermented drink the bacteria consume the lactose in the milk. Excess sugar in our diets and lactose intolerance cause many health issues.
  • Boosts natural immunity
  • Restores our natural gut flora and helps to support a healthy digestive system. Our bodies cope with the onslaught of antibiotics, diets rich in sugar and additives which cause an imbalance in our natural microflora.
  • Aids control of many conditions such as IBS, IBD, leaky gut, Crohns disease.
  • Balances our skin, improving conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.
  • Helps with allergies and inflammatory conditions of the body by boosting the immune system’s natural ability to suppress inflammation. Some allergies have been proven to be a direct result of the loss of good gut bacteria.

How to drink

Our kefir is strong, so start with small amounts aiming to build up to 170ml per day for maximum benefit. This can be drunk throughout the day or in one go, but it’s always better to drink on an empty stomach. If you have any underlying health issues, consult with your doctor before starting kefir.

It is best to drink kefir in it’s natural state with nothing added but it may be sweetened to taste using a natural sweetener such as honey or stevia. It can also be blended with fruit to create super-healthy smoothies. These or any sweetened kefir should be drunk immediately as the bacteria will go to work on the sugars and decrease the probiotic power.

Our kefir will vary in taste each time you receive it. This is because our girls are eating a varied diet which changes from month to month according to what’s in the fields and hedgerows. This means there are subtle changes to the taste of the milk which is used for our kefir.

How to store

As it is live, kefir will continue to ferment and therefore become more sour and sometimes fizzy. This is ok and doesn’t mean it is going ‘off’ – the more sour, the more good bacteria, but keeping it in the fridge will slow this process and keep it more palatable.
We put a best before date on the bottle but there are so many good bacteria in there that the bad ones really don’t stand a chance!

Our kefir is regularly microbiologically tested in a laboratory to make sure that it is 100% safe for you to drink.

When you receive your kefir

Open carefully! It’s always best to open over a bowl to save any precious kefir which may escape. This happens because it’s journey to you sometimes shakes things up and the kefir can become fizzy. On standing kefir can also separate but inverting the bottle a few times will smooth out any lumpy bits.

100% Natural Kefir

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