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100% natural, all pasteurised

Cheese cannot be purchased online as stock levels vary throughout the year.
Simply fill in the order form and you will be advised on availability on receipt of your order. Cheeses are priced per kilo.
All cheeses are made with pasteurised milk.


£32 per kg
Ave size 250g
Rind washed in local cider
Semi-soft goats cheese
(Silver – Artisan Cheese Awards 2017, Gold – British Cheese Awards 2017, Two stars – Great Taste Awards 2017, Silver – World Cheese Awards 2017)


£32 per kg
Ave log 200g
White, bloomy-rinded soft cheese Vegetarian
(Bronze – World Cheese Awards 2013, Bronze – Artisan Cheese Awards 2016, Bronze – British
Cheese Awards 2017, One star – Great Taste Awards 2017)

Pure Soft Goats Cheese

Ave log 180g
Mild and creamy

Plain £26/kg
Black Pepper (Bronze – World Cheese Awards 2013) £27/kg
Wild Garlic (Seasonal) £27/kg
Chive £27/kg

Sussex White

£26 per kg
Average wheel 2.5 – 3kg (normally cut into wedges of 180-200g but can be cut to any size)
Rind-less hard goats cheese
(Bronze – Artisan Cheese Awards 2018)

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